Hi, Dear One!

I’m thrilled to see you here. Thank you for taking the time to look around.

You see the value in noticing and preserving the relationships and dynamics that are important to your family right now. My mission is to help you understand how to create the best documentary portrait session for your family. Our site is packed with inspiration to nurture your own ideas for family portraits.

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And now, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Camry, and I’m a 30-something mom to two sweethearts (and I hope that number grows soon). I’m married to Nate, who saves the business world from computer meltdowns by day and teaches our little ones the value of hysterical giggles by night.

My photos of daily life are intensely meaningful and intimate. I’m convinced yours are, as well.

Over the years there’s only been one problem. My family photos - the ones that I took, almost always on my phone - were nothing like what I wanted. Instead of seeing sweet eyelashes and peach-fuzz blonde hair, tiny fingers and round cheeks smothered in peanut butter, all I could see was blurry movement and none of the details that meant so much to me.

For this reason I'm overwhelmingly grateful for Nate’s eye for detail. Behind the camera, he’s always seen normal life through a beautiful lens. And even now, six years into marriage, when he surprises me with new images from his Nikon my heart bursts with pride in our little family.

Though it took a few years to arrive, Nate and I finally launched Nathan Crist Photography in 2016. Our mission is to empower your family to see your love in action. Far from mundane, the everyday hugs, meals and giggles are where legacy is born. It’s as true of one child as of five: the days are long, but the years are short. Our hope is that the portraits we provide of your family in motion will stir up in you a passion to choose love. 

Here are a few things we believe in:

We believe that while there’s a need for the traditional portrait, we all have an even greater need to remember how normal life is.
We believe we live our lives forward-facing, as we diligently strive to care for our families and meet our next goals.
We believe the “unexceptional” days between great achievements are what life is made of, and ought to be given priority over any silly expectations we have about how to make our family look Pinterest-y.

So look around. We're glad you're here. Read the captions on each image we share, as well as our FAQs to learn more about how we do documentary. Imagine your own sweet ones (little or grown). You know what "real" looks like. Cherish it.

If your feelings on family photography feel like ours, contact us right now! We can't wait to get our client guide and ebook into your hands.

After all, “real” is the new perfect. “Real” is exceptional.